My New Business + Photo Shoot

Today I launched my new business that I've been working on for the last few months, Be Well with Michelle. I had the idea for this business in early November, around the time I started life coaching with a good friend and yoga instructor. Things quickly progressed from there; I signed up for health coach … Continue reading My New Business + Photo Shoot

Establishing a Self-Care Routine

Every time I feel like I'm heading into a black hole, the reason is always the same: I've steered away from my self-care routine. I've spent a lot of time establishing this routine, and find that it helps me stay on track both mentally and physically. I'm the type of person that needs some kind … Continue reading Establishing a Self-Care Routine

Major Unshelled Blog Update!

I'll be honest with you. Up until last night, I was unsure about this blog and where I wanted to go with it. I thought I had it all figured out this time around, but after most of the posts I published in the last few months, there was a part of me left a … Continue reading Major Unshelled Blog Update!

Why Mental Health Matters & How to Manage It

This will likely be the most honest and exposing blog post I ever write, but I feel an urge to write it in the hopes that it can help even just one other person. I'd like to preface this by saying that this isn't meant to be a sympathy or pity post, but rather one … Continue reading Why Mental Health Matters & How to Manage It