Yoga Teacher Training: Weekend 6

This past YTT weekend was beautiful, magical, and gave me all the feels in the best way possible. I left Sunday feeling so grateful for this experience, and for bringing the most wonderful people into my life, who I now call some of my best friends. Never in my life have I been so content, … Continue reading Yoga Teacher Training: Weekend 6

Michelle, Take a Chill Pill

I've had no inspiration to write for the past two weeks. Life has been busy, but more than that, I haven't even wanted to write, which I feel guilty about. I haven't had the motivation to cook or bake anything worthy of a blog post. I went to Asheville this past weekend and had plans to … Continue reading Michelle, Take a Chill Pill

Why Do We Share So Much of Our Lives?

I was having trouble finding inspiration for a blog post this week, and I almost let this week slide without one until I found that inspiration yesterday (which reminded me that sometimes ideas have to come to me vs. me seeking them out). I've been a loyal listener of the Millennial podcast by Megan Tan since … Continue reading Why Do We Share So Much of Our Lives?