Happiness Isn’t That Complicated

I've been over-analyzing and complicating the concept of happiness for...let's see....FOREVER. In the past I'd get bored with my life and want a rush of excitement, which usually resulted in drastic changes in my life. I would constantly tell myself, "when (insert life event) happens, I'll be happier." Then it would happen, and I would … Continue reading Happiness Isn’t That Complicated

Getting Through the Holidays

It's been a little over four months. Somehow it feels like a lifetime ago, maybe because those four months were the craziest of my entire life and time has flown faster than I ever could have imagined. I still think of Shane every day, but my good days now outnumber the bad ones. I choose … Continue reading Getting Through the Holidays

When You Need to Just Let Someone Go

The amazing thing about humans is our ability to have strong, deepĀ and meaningful relationships. We thrive on communication with others, and when we let our emotions show, it can bring us closer to the people we care about. Those emotions can range from happiness to sadness to contentment, all of which are perfectly normal in … Continue reading When You Need to Just Let Someone Go