My New Business + Photo Shoot

Today I launched my new business that I’ve been working on for the last few months, Be Well with Michelle. I had the idea for this business in early November, around the time I started life coaching with a good friend and yoga instructor. Things quickly progressed from there; I signed up for health coach training and finished that a couple of weeks ago, thought of a catchy business name, created my LLC, worked hard on my website, made business cards, got professional photos done (for the first time ever!), and then wrapped up all the other little things that new business owners do (legal stuff, government stuff…lots of stuff). And now it’s here!


This new business involves offering private and group yoga instruction/classes and health coaching. I have also linked my blog to my new site, as my writing is a big part of my personal mental wellness. It’s always been a dream of mine to open my own business, but I never knew what that would entail. I just knew I wanted to help people somehow. After teaching yoga for the last few months, and offering free coaching to a couple of family members and friends, it all made sense to put these things together to create this business. My passion for the last five years has been wellness, as many of you already know. I LOVE all aspects of nutrition, yoga, and staying well. I’m hopeful that this business takes off over time, because I truly do want to help a lot of people.


I’ve created a couple of social media sites if you want to follow me there, as I plan to post a wealth of healthy content on these sites:




One of the most fun parts of this process was definitely the photo shoot. I am new to the professional photo thing, I’ve never had them done for myself before. So I figured it was high time I said “treat yo’self girl!”. My friend Jessica Bentley, of the blog Slice of Jess, was my personal photographer for the hour, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Several of these are on my new site, but I figured I’d put some in this post too to showcase her wonderful work. And because I’m very proud of them!


Thanks for the support, y’all ❤



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