2018: The Year of the Badass Woman

I’ve decided to claim 2018 as my year. Because after the shit show that was 2017, I think I’m justified in saying that this year is going to be my year. And boy do I have some plans for this one!



One of my biggest goals of this year will be completing my health coaching certification through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. My program began this past Monday and will last for the next six weeks. When those six weeks are up, I have a new, exciting project I’m launching. It’s eating me up inside to wait, but one thing at a time…


I have a new gig as a yoga sub at On Track Yoga, thanks to my friend Rachael, which I’m super excited about. This will be my first time teaching at a studio, and I have a couple of dates lined up already to teach this winter/spring. My hope is this will eventually lead to more studio teaching spots, or maybe even a permanent weekly slot over time.


I’ve started a new weekly routine of getting private boxing lessons from coach Josh Flamm at Brooklyn’s Boxing Gym, who I’ve known for a couple of years. He’s the real deal when it comes to boxing, so I’m excited to be getting legit training. I’ve been wanting to up my cardio and increase my strength training, and I think this will be a perfect way to do it. Look out Ronda Rousey! :p


I plan to do a lot of traveling this year. In fact, I’ll already be traveling once a month for the next four months. My biggest trip will be to Mexico in March for a yoga retreat with some close friends. Another country to check off my list! If time and money allow, I think I’ll try to keep this once a month travel schedule going and see where all I can visit this year.


I’ve also started a new relationship. He’s awesome and funny and handsome and shares my quirky sense of humor. We have the same life goals and we both want to travel and try new things. Most importantly, he is thoughtful and cares about me. I can be my real self around him and it’s easy, which feels good. In short, I’m happy and am excited to see where this leads.


In between all of this, I plan to strengthen my friendships, get out and do stuff, and just live. I think it’s safe to say 2018 has already started out on a high note for me, and despite whatever challenges may come up this year, I hope the rest of it will be relatively smooth sailing.


What are your plans for this year?

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