Happy Birthday to You & New Tattoo Tribute

Today is your birthday, Shane. You would have turned 37. I know you never really cared much for your birthday, but I would have taken you out to dinner regardless and toasted to you with a beer from one of our favorite breweries. I hope you know we’re still celebrating you today in spirit, even though your physical presence is no longer here.



To commemorate this special day, I got a tattoo on Friday for you, and for me, from Catherine at Haylo. It’s the first thing you taught me how to say in Korean…Saranghae…I love you. This was also the first birthday gift I gave you two years ago today, in the form of a painting. I wrote out the Korean myself, as you taught me, and decided to get it under my left arm, close to my heart. I also added a small pinch of your ashes to the ink so I have you with me all the time now. It hurt quite a bit, but the pain helped me release some other built-up emotions, so it was a good hurt. After seeing Catherine’s beautiful work, the tears freely flowed. It was perfect.



The original painting from 2 years ago


This tattoo serves as a daily reminder of you, but also as a reminder to continue living my life the way you’d want me to, with purpose. Every day that I look at it, I’ll find the strength and inspiration to help others and make this world a better place, like you used to do. It’s still surreal that you’re actually gone sometimes, but I’ve accepted it and now choose to look to the future. I’m moving forward with my life on a new path, and it’s a bit scary, but I feel you helping me along the way, and you’re still always there when I need you. I miss you, love you and think of you every day. Wherever you are, I hope you’re well and free. Happy birthday, babes ❤



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