You, Yes You, Can Change the World

It seems that in the wake of tragic events, we find ourselves feeling helpless and overwhelmed. We so desperately want to see change in the world, but we back away from making an effort by telling ourselves that one person can’t make that much of a difference. And frankly, it’s a lot more work to gather a whole bunch of people to make a change.


But the truth is, one person can make a huge difference. And you don’t even have to do that much.


Ever hear of the butterfly effect? In relevance to this post, one small act of kindness can cause more, larger acts of kindness. Have you ever had someone in line in front of you pay for your coffee? Or had a coworker compliment your outfit or new hairstyle? Or donated money or time to an organization in need?


How did it make you feel? I guarantee you weren’t mad or upset. In fact, you probably felt pretty damn good. Now imagine if we could feel that way every day, or help someone else to feel that way. Wouldn’t the world be a better place? Wouldn’t we stop finding flaws in each other and ourselves and start finding the good?


We have steered so far away from love, compassion and kindness as a whole, and it’s a bit depressing at times. We can’t control what happens on a large scale, but we can have an effect on what happens around us locally. And the more people who see the good you’re doing, the more likely they will do something good as well. And that, my friends, is how change happens.


Ultimately, we want to feel part of something big, and we want to feel loved. There’s no better way to create oneness in society than by helping each other. That’s what humanity is all about, and we should be embracing and encouraging it, not finding more reasons to hate each other. The more we band together and find unity, the less power the naysayers will have.


So what small act of kindness can you do today, and everyday? How are you going to begin to change the world? Here are some suggestions:

  • Smile or say hi to your coworkers or neighbors. Heck, smile or say hi to strangers.
  • Pay for the next person’s coffee/meal/toll in line behind you
  • Call a family member or friend just to say you’re thinking about them
  • Buy a cup of coffee or a hot meal for a homeless person
  • Hold the door and elevator for people
  • Donate old clothes/household items/food/money
  • Compliment someone
  • Pick up trash if you see it lying on the ground
  • Give up your seat for someone who really needs it
  • Let people merge into your lane
  • Volunteer at a non-profit organization
  • Adopt a cat or dog from a rescue
  • Give a nice tip to your waiter
  • Reach out to someone who’s going through a hard time
  • Counter negativity with positivity


Love ALWAYS wins, and it has to start somewhere. So let it start with you. What small acts of kindness have you given or received?

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