International Travels: South Korea

It's been about a week since I got back from South Korea with Shane, and I still can't even believe I was there! It was such a great experience, and one that I don't take for granted, as I know it's not a country most people will get to see in their lifetime. But I … Continue reading International Travels: South Korea

Yoga Teacher Training: Weekend 3

I'm a bit late getting this post out since I've been out of the country, but despite the delay I wanted to be sure I documented my last yoga teacher training weekend because it was so uplifting and beautiful. As I begin to write this post, I'm wondering how I'm going to describe the feelings I … Continue reading Yoga Teacher Training: Weekend 3

Honey Lavender Banana Bread

Happy spring! This warm weather has energized me to get into the kitchen more and bake up some goodies. I whipped up this tasty banana bread last night to use up some bananas that were past their prime. I was also given a small jar of lavender honey recently as a gift, and thought this … Continue reading Honey Lavender Banana Bread