Chocolate Banana Berry Protein Smoothie

I loooove me some smoothies! I frequently whip them up on the weekends as either a light breakfast or healthy mid-day snack. I enjoy changing up my┬áingredients to make different flavors, but one ingredient that's been a mainstay is cocoa powder. I'm a big chocolate fan, so including this in my smoothie always gives me … Continue reading Chocolate Banana Berry Protein Smoothie

Cucumber, Lemon & Green Tea Infused Water

I've had an issue with drinking enough water since I was a kid. It's not that I don't like water, I just never seem to be very thirsty. But because I know I need to be drinking a certain amount each day for my health, I pretty much force myself to drink it. And I've … Continue reading Cucumber, Lemon & Green Tea Infused Water

Yoga Teacher Training: Weekend 1

This past weekend was one I had been waiting for since last summer. One that seemed so far away for so long, until it was finally here. One that I was both excited and nervous for. To say that my first Bella Vita yoga teacher training weekend was incredible would be an understatement.┬áI didn't expect … Continue reading Yoga Teacher Training: Weekend 1