Major Unshelled Blog Update!

I’ll be honest with you. Up until last night, I was unsure about this blog and where I wanted to go with it. I thought I had it all figured out this time around, but after most of the posts I published in the last few months, there was a part of me left a little unfulfilled and unsatisfied. This was hard for me, because my passion is wellness and I wanted so badly to create a blog other people would want to read. This often resulted in me forcing several of my posts out just to provide some kind of content each week. I racked my brain for the past couple of weeks trying very hard to figure out what to write about next, because there were so many random ideas in my head. But I couldn’t seem to fit them all into a common theme, and I got so frustrated I was about ready to give up on it altogether. Then last night it hit me, and I haven’t been able to wipe the goofy smile off my face since…


When I wrote and posted my early April article, Why Mental Health Matters & How to Manage It, something shifted. It was by far the most “clicked on” article I’d ever posted, and I got a ton of amazing and supportive comments from those who read it. Several people called or messaged me privately to comment on their own personal struggle with mental illness, how it’s not talked about enough, and how they were glad I was so forthcoming about it. I also received compliments on my writing skills, with my Dad going so far as to say I could consider a career in journalism if I wanted to (thanks Dad!) But those weren’t the only positive things that resulted from the post. I personally felt different after writing it, because I had completely opened myself up to friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers for the first time. And it felt liberating. It occurred to me that I hadn’t been writing many of my posts from a place of passion, but this one time I did changed the way I see things and what I want for this blog. I realized that in the end I have to primarily write this blog for me, with others gaining something from it as an added bonus. So now I’m making some changes.


This blog was created because I love all things wellness, and I wanted to focus on nutrition and fitness because that was what I defined as wellness. However, in the last month I’ve realized that wellness is so many other things. It’s a connection of the mind, body and soul and all three should be harmoniously working together in order for one to be healthy. Not only do I enjoy discussing nutrition and fitness, but I regularly meditate and practice yoga, I’ve discovered my own spirituality, I do different art and craft projects, I volunteer helping homeless cats, I enjoy reading and listening to music and podcasts, I cook and bake, I grow my own food, and I like hiking and traveling. I have mental issues, I get panic attacks sometimes and I worry about stuff that will likely never happen. I also frequently think about life and the universe, I like helping and inspiring people, I get high off of love and compassion and for the first time ever, I’m living every day like it might be my last. In my opinion, ALL of these things encompass wellness, and I plan to incorporate all of these topics into my blog from now on.


The new plan is to shift from a nutrition and fitness based approach to an all-encompassing wellness and lifestyle blog. Some of you may enjoy reading about nutrition and fitness more, and some of you may prefer posts that focus on inspiration and hobbies. My hope is that I can appeal to a large audience and create content that everyone will enjoy in some capacity. But most importantly, whatever I post will come from within me and will be genuine. Because anyone can write an article about the healthiest foods on the planet, but nobody else can write about my life, how I live it, and what works for me. The title “Unshelled” originally referred to revealing the secrets in our food industry and getting back to the basics of health (and because it’s a clever take on my nickname). Now I believe it refers to opening up and providing inspiration; truly living life Unshelled. 


Sometimes we try too hard to make things happen in our lives because it’s what we think we want and need, but more often than not we just need to sit back and let life happen and let ideas grow naturally. I’m very excited about this new writing adventure, as I think it will not only provide me with a better outlet for my thoughts, but hopefully encourage others to pursue their passions, find their creative outlets and get some more discussions going. I’ve also done a little updating on my facebook page. Thank you all for reading, sharing, liking and supporting my blog, it’s very much appreciated!

~Namaste~ Michelle


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